• General Information

General Information

The Tourism branch offers students the opportunity to acquire a quality education, as well as a special focus on tourism and leisurely activities. It seeks to build character, independence and personal responsibility in the workplace in each and every one of our students. Teamwork, communication and the ability to present are other focal points in what this branch offers. We also stress career mobility and flexibility. We work together with businesses that specialize in tourism and leisurely activities, such as spas, resorts and hotels in the surrounding communities. Other important aspects are universal and branch specific training, which include monitoring, planning and oversight of operational procedures. Students are also educated in guest correspondence, investment, finance, management and the arrangement of contracts..


About the program

* takes 5 years to complete the program
* "Reife- und Diplomprüfung" is required for program completion
* 32 weeks of practical training


Key points of the program

* a special focus on training in the restaurant, cooking and hotel industry
* specialize in local and international cuisine and etiquette
* wine culture and bar management
* product and project management
* managing incoming resources and materials
* computation of regional and trans-regional tourism concepts
* organization and management of personnel


* English
* French
* Italian

 Additional qualifications

* wine and cheese experts/professionals
* Fidelio Certificate
* English Certificate
* French Certificate
* European Computer Driving License

 Career opportunities

* Catering Industry
* Commercial Agent
* Travel Agent
* Restaurant Manager
* collegiate admission
* authorization to start up a company