• General Information

General Information

The Product Management branch takes into account the very needs and demands that society and the economy ask of it. This way of forward thinking and planning promotes a culture of creativity and interest in the student that is then utilized with the use of new media and communication technology.

We provide a large window of career opportunities that the work world has to offer. Our branch underpins the importance of a universal education. We stress the use of computers and new communication technologies in the classroom, because through their exposure we can guarantee students` effectiveness and ability to use these technologies in a work environment. We also work closely in cooperation with successful businesses in the region

in order for students to gain real life experience and exposure specific to the students' field of interest..


About the program

* takes 5 years to complete the program
* "Reife- und Diplomprüfung" is required for program completion
* 4 weeks of practical training


Key points of the program

* creative design
* new media (IT, web design)
* project management
* multimedia shows
* advertisement and public relations
* event management



* English
* French
* Hungarian / Spanish
* Acting
* Drawing
* Network technician


Additional education and qualifications

* English Certificate
* French Certificate
* European Computer Driving License
* European Business Competence License
* Junior Manager Certificate
* Copyright

Career Opportunities

* market research and analysis
* product development and design with CAD
* web and media design
* communication and presentation management
* public relations
* project and event management
* quality management
* accounting
* processing for buying and selling
* investments and financial planning
* contract arrangements