• General Information

General Information

The innovative branch of Fashion and Clothing Design exposes the students to a wide variety of interests that create an environment vital for enriching both speaking and handcrafting talents. Our graduates are able to find careers in creative fields that encompass fashion, design, graphic and arrangement, as well as in both technical and commercial fields.

We use program specific software and technology to enhance learning experience and cooperate with successful business partners that provide the practical training essential to our students` overall education. We offer a wide range of comprehensive education in subject specific fields, workshops, and in extensive commercial education. Such examples from many include fashion design, fashion photography, illustration with CAD, project management, research in trends, along with communication and fashion presentations.


About the program

* takes 5 years to complete the program
* "Reife- und Diplomprüfung" is required for program completion
*  4 weeks of practical training


Key points of the program

* character building
* career mobility, flexibility and teamwork
* building personal responsibility
* increase and encourage social engagement
* build problem solving skills
* motivation, creativity techniques
* basic knowledge of machine and
* facility equipment in the industry



* English
* French


Expectations we hold for our students

* a strong interest in fashion
* highly motivated
* respect for others
* a talent for crafting
* the ability to communicate and work well with others
* creativity and flexibility         
* organizational skills


Additional education and qualifications

* English Certificate
* French Certificate
* European Computer Driving License
* European Business Competence License