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General Information

The Service Industry branch provides the prerequisites needed to pursue a higher education at a university, advance technical college or academy upon completion. It also offers qualifications tailored to the business world and holistic human tenor for life enrichment. We present a comprehensive universal education that encourages positive and critical thinking. Working in cooperation with the business world is a point of emphasis which works to build teamwork and constructive conduct in projects, seminars and workshops. Students are encouraged to present their own unique personality, to promote their musical and creative abilities and to use the tools and knowledge that our school provides to guide them throughout life.


About the program

* Takes 5 years to complete the program
* “Reife- und Diplomprüfung” is required for program completion
* 12 weeks of practical training


Key points of the program

* health management
* training in nutrition
* advertising psychology
* wellness and management portfolio
* language portfolio
* nutrition and health training
* movement and relaxation techniques
* energy sources and motivation
* quality management
* cooperation in the workplace



* English
* French/Italian


Additional qualifications

* Nordic-Walking-Instructor
* English Certificate
* French Certificate
* European Computer Driving License


Career  Opportunities

* Project and Event Manager
* Wellness and Mental Trainer
* Nutrition and Health Counsellor
* Communication and Presentation Expert
* Independence and Self-Employment
* collegiate admission
* authorization to start up a company


You will also spare yourself the time of having to acquire an apprenticeship for the following positions:

* Office Administrator
* Industrial Manager
* Restaurant Industry Specialist
* Cook / Chef
* Travel Agency Assistant
* Hotel and Hospitality Industry